Companies come to me for inspired solutions and strategies, powerful content and captivating presentations.

My name is Trish Witkowski, and I help companies find solutions that can meet, or exceed, their marketing goals. I am an expert in creative mail formats and engagement strategies. What makes me an expert? I have spent nearly 20 years collecting, analyzing and documenting creative direct marketing solutions. It’s been a journey—an interesting one that has led to groundbreaking research, lectures, workshops, webinars, publications and even a popular video series on YouTube.
I have knowledge and ideas to share, and a passion for what I do. So, how can I help you?

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World-Class Presenter

Whether it’s an in-person presentation, a video or a webinar you need, I’ll capture the attention of the audience and energize them with inspired, relevant content, bold visuals, powerful statistics and case studies. My background allows me to bring a unique and dimensional perspective to the subject matter. Think: marketing strategy + design + smart production—and then top it off with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of “A-ha!”

Interested in having me as a presenter at a client event? Check out Event-in-a-Box™ — a turnkey client event program where I’ll come and present two powerful sessions to your target audience, and we’ll even help you promote it!

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Content Creator

Content is king, but quality is key. I’m known for my groundbreaking industry research in the area of direct mail, marketing strategy and folded formats, and have built a body of educational content that coordinates with the presentation offerings in our Event-in-a-Box™ program. All of our content is designed to be branded and customized to your organization, for you to distribute to your customers and prospects providing them with the foundation they need to garner better results from their direct mail and marketing campaigns.

Direct Marketing Consultant

I’m often hired to help companies find direct marketing solutions, creative formats and engagement strategies that can save money and increase the potential for marketing and production success. I’ve helped them, and I can help you, too.

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"We partnered with Trish in 2014 and we haven’t looked back! She provides powerful content and advice that our customers crave, and she tailors her offerings to our needs and the needs of our customers. We couldn’t be happier.”

—Ann Marie Keene, Marketing Director, John Roberts (Minneapolis, MN)

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60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week

Nearly 300 episodes strong, thousands of professionals around the globe look forward to my weekly dose of folded inspiration.

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I am an author for popular online training company Currently I offer two courses: Direct Mail Strategy, and Print Production Essentials: Direct Mail.

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Guidelines for USPS Folded Self-Mailers

This is a quick overview of the most critical guidelines for USPS Folded Self-Mailers. The video has been widely used by the print and direct marketing industries.

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Affiliate Companies

Throughout my career, I have founded two companies that service the print and direct marketing industries. I hold leadership positions at both companies and continue to develop products, services and resources that help marketers reach their goals.

Rock the Mailbox is a destination dedicated solely to the creation and distribution of mail. We help people find the right companies and make the right connections to produce quality mail products and successful mailing campaigns.

Professionals turn to for quick-turn custom folding templates, specialty dielines, folding ideas, videos, resources and more. Foldfactory is the one-stop folding shop for direct marketers.

My Background

I have a specialized expertise in creative mail formats and engagement strategies for direct marketing, and I help companies find solutions that can meet, or exceed, their marketing goals.

At the core, I’m an analyst with great presentation skills. I read, research, ask questions, collect, and monitor trends. I pick up on patterns, tricks and techniques. I study successes and failures. Over the years, I have collected and analyzed thousands of print and mail samples from around the globe, and I share those findings with my customers. I have also done extensive research on the technical side of production folding and print finishing, even documenting folding compensation mathematics for the printing industry. In 2004, I was awarded the GATF InterTech award for my FOLDRite™ folding template system.

I am a professionally-trained designer with a master’s degree in print—a background that gives me a unique perspective of aesthetics + production. I jive with designers and marketing professionals, and printers like me, too. I have authored many resources, most recently Direct Mail (Simplified), and Paper Folding Templates for Print Design. I write for magazines and blogs, and have given webinars and presentations to international audiences. I love to share my passion for mail, which has led to online courses for, and a popular weekly e-video series “60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week”

The foundation for my nearly 20-years of experience is a Master of Science degree in printing and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY).

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